Coast to Coast 2003-2004

The first missionary journey of Full Proof Gospel Ministries began in Surf City, North Carolina on July 13, 2003. There, on the sands of the North Carolina coast, Jesse Boyd mounted a bicycle and began a ride that would take him all the way to the northwest corner of the contiguous United States. After 4,712 miles of pedaling, Jesse pedaled his bicycle into the Pacific waters outside of Neah Bay, Washington on October 30, 2004. Along this arduous journey, Jesse pedaled a bicycle, Jamie (his wife) drove the S.A.G. vehicle, and the Boyd’s daughter (Bethany Grace) came into the world. The spiritual fruits born from this journey are incalculable:

  • 4,712 miles were pedaled on bicycle while a Gospel banner remained unfurled in the headwinds.
  • Over 55,000 miles had been driven to and fro across the United States for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel. This includes the actual bicycle route and side trips for street ministry.
  • The Word of God was preached publicly on the downtown streets of 50 of America’s larger cities and in countless small towns and communities. It was also proclaimed in border towns of Canada and Mexico.
  • Thousands of Gospel tracts and numerous Bibles were distributed freely and strategically placed all across the United States.
  • Thousands of lost souls were confronted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a public way.
  • Countless homeless and destitute were blessed with food, fresh socks, water, clothing, etc. while being given the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Numerous Christians were exhorted, discipled, and edified so as to become bolder witnesses for their faith; and faithful Christians began hitting the streets with the Gospel in other towns where such work had not existed before.
  • Twenty-eight souls were born again into the Kingdom of God, whether directly or indirectly related to the labor out on the road.
  • Three souls were baptized as a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord miraculously met needs time and time again, and Full Proof Gospel Ministries never had to borrow a dime (Romans 13:8).

Mile 0: Surf City, North Carolina (July 13, 2003)

Mile 4,712: Neah Bay, Washington (October 30, 2004)


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