Charges Dismissed

HALLELUJAH! Today, I received a personal telephone call from Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee. He has filed a dismissal of charges with the Onslow County Court. I do not have to appear on August 30th, and the $500 that I posted for bond is being mailed back to me.  Here is a link to an article detailing the dismissal:

North Carolina Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Missionary Arrested for Telling Officers to ‘Repent’

And, my friends, here is the amazing thing. This is not the result of any attorney involvement; it hadn’t yet reached that point. This is purely the result of your phone calls and emails undergirded by the Almighty’s grace. When Christians flood the offices of government officials on a brother or sister’s behalf, change can be effectuated. Now, I believe we should turn these efforts toward Brother Michael Salman in Arizona who is currently in jail for having house church meetings in his home. Here is a link to that story, if you are interested:

Phoenix Pastor Sentenced for Holding Home Worship Meetings Now in Jail

Also, I want to be on record noting that District Attorney Lee has proven himself to be an honorable man, as I had been told by several from the Onslow County area. He was so polite, and has acted very swiftly, personally wishing me and our ministry God’s blessing. I would encourage any of you who emailed or phoned him to do so again, thanking him for upholding freedom of speech through his actions and wishing God’s blessing upon his work and efforts for Onslow County, NC. Here is the relevant contact information:

Ernest Lee, District Attorney
910-478-3699 or via email at

Now, I also covet your prayers. As far as I am concerned, this matter is NOT closed. I really believe Elmer Padgett, the Mayor of Holly Ridge who is on record saying that police have “the right” to stop someone from speaking “if someone complains,” needs to be held accountable for such blatant unconstitutional remarks. I believe Chief Maiorano and Officer Whaley need to be held accountable in some way for their thuggish actions that night. I do not know what this looks like exactly and am currently receiving counsel from a reputable Christian Liberty organization on the matter. Whatever we do going forward will be for the sake of local believers who have a love for sharing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as we did in Hickory, NC several years ago, we need to act in a way that insures the freedom of said believers in this community going forward. This must never be allowed to happen again! Please pray for divine wisdom and guidance in this matter.

Alas, today is a day of rejoicing. Praise God for Jesus Christ! Praise God for my Christian brethren! Praise God for District Attorney Lee! Praise God for my arrest on July 4th! Romans 8:28 is promise; it’s a fact.

Thanks for all your support, phone calls, and emails. Again, please express your gratitude to DA Lee, and offer him some encouragement.

All for the glory of the Most High God,



  1. Praise God for your justification! Thank you for your ministry you are not only spreading the gospel throughout the world in unreached places you are also inspiring believers to step out of there homes and preach the gospel. January 30th of this year I read a facebook post by Shawn Holes about how you were preaching the gospel in Nepal and were then stoned and beaton; calling out to the Lord in prayer then stepping out the next day to preach the gospel. Later that morning I was in Church thinking about this and we were singing “I Surrender all” and I realized I was not. I had been occasionally handing out gospel tracts and shared Christ with people who came to my door but knew that I was holding back and the Lord wanted my all. So I wrote a blog post called; “Sick of Church” (you would have to read to understand the title) then that week I made an “Are You Ready” cross and stepped out the door and began going to street corners with the cross in my community; Tyler, TX. In April this year I preached the gospel for the first time in open-air and have been preaching since. I have become part of an East Texas group called Isaiah 6:8 fellowship, we go to local events and tract the events and preach the gospel in open-air. The ironic thing of your arrest was, that I was at a 4th of July event in Longview, TX preaching the gospel not knowing that the man the Lord used to inspire me to step out the door and preach his gospel was being arrested for doing the very same thing that I was doing at the same type of event. You know one of the most beautiful things about the body of Christ is this; we as believers may never physically meet but we can and do support one another and have a kinship that most in the world will never know. So I just wanted to tell you thank you brother, keep up the good fight and continue to tell the world what our Lord Jesus Christ has done.

    May God Bless you,
    Mike Peek

  2. I am so thankful that God came to rescue on your behalf…..Praise His Holy Name Forever! Amen

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