Mission Far West

Nepal’s Far West

Dear praying saints, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!┬áLet’s praise God once again for answering our prayers and giving us other opportunities to proclaim the Crucified Christ here in Nepal. God is always good as He blotted our sins for His own sake. We really have an Amazing God!

Last Friday, I picked up some of our new tracts on sacrifice from the press and went alone with the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel to the same place we went last Thursday. Bimu had to stay with the children as it was late afternoon and when I came back home it was 7pm and dark in this season. But God helped me to proclaim His once for all Sacrifice. I gave out more than 300 tracts. I hope you had a look at our pictures attached with last update. I went where I was preaching with the banner at Sundhara.

Bishnu preaches in Manohara.

Today, God let me go out with a team of 7 along with Bimu and brother Laxmi. We had some musical instruments also and God led us to the Manohara community where landless people live “illegally” on public land. We sang many gospel songs and preached and gave out 700 Gospels of John along with hundreds of other tracts, including the recently printed Sacrifice and Provision tracts. One man asked for a Bible, and I’m going to give it to him as a gift. Many heard the clear Gospel. Thank you very much for your continuous prayers and support. Now, the main Hindu festival starts here. Please pray that we can lead people to Christ. Our taxi driver today heard the Gospel. He said that he was tired of following Hindu religion. Then I grabbed the opportunity to share the declaration of Jesus on the cross about the fulfillment of religion when he said, “It is finished.” Then I talked about His once for all sacrifice and His love to sinful mankind, saying that He came to save sinners, not to destroy them like in the religions of this world. Please pray for Prakash’s salvation. Of course, he received the new tract: The Eternal, Perfect and Complete Sacrifice. Let’s pray that God would use this tract mightily do draw people to Himself.

We give all the glory to God Himself and ask abundant blessings upon you, your family, your job and your ministry. I would just say: Keep lighting the world by being a light. We have a saying in Nepali: Those, who want to give others light, should burn themselves up. Stay Bold.

Prayer requests: Please pray for Bimu’s back pain. Please pray for my upcoming trip to the far west. We are having a Evangelism Training at Dhangadhi with local churches on November 8th, and then we’ll head north with a team from Dharan, East Nepal to reach the Baitadi District. I had challenged them last year to SEE the Far West. Now they are ready to go to the west from the east. Praise God for this mission-mind among the believers in the East. We three parties are going to labor together to reach the North-Western districts of Nepal. One of them is Baitadi where we have been laboring for years. The local churches in the southern far west are interested to go to the north and it’ll be nearer for them as well as they will have some mission field. This mission will be: MISSION FAR WEST. People of the Far West are dying physically and spiritually also. We are going to take some general medicines to the poor people, those who have to walk for hours just to get some simple prescriptions. More important, we will carry with us Medicine for their spirits, the Gospel. Please pray for our trip and God’s amazing provision. Also, I would like to remind you that you can specifically donate for this mission as we’ll be laboring with the missionaries from the churches in the southern far west, encouraging them to reach their own area and own people. Please remember: Nepal’s Far West is the least reached part of the country with no churches, even in the district headquarters. Please pray for this mission as well. Thank you very much and God bless. Those of you who had been to Baitadi with me can pray for this area specifically. Please be with us in prayer.

Sinners Saved by His Grace,

Bishnu, Bimu, and the Team
Kathmandu, Nepal

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