In Memory of Earl Taylor Green

Sermons by Jesse Boyd: In Memory of Earl Taylor Green

This message was preached at the funeral of Earl Taylor Green (1928-2012) in Hickory, NC on December 29, 2012. Earl Green was a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in his local sphere of influence for many years, and this example had a profound impact on Full Proof Gospel Ministries and its labor all over the world. To God be the glory!


  1. Dear Marjorie,
    It is with deep sadness that I send this to you. We are sad for you dear Marjorie,
    you have been a wonderful wife to Earl, and he has loved you all throughout his life.
    You have made a beautiful and blessed marriage. He is not suffering any longer, and
    we praise God for that. God give you the strength to go on and hold dear the loving
    memories you both made throughout the years. I know that your loving family is near
    and will take good care of you. We are praying and thinking of you, it was a privelege
    knowing Earl. Good Bless You and Your Family, With Love, Sharon and Tom

  2. Robert DeWeese & Charene Bassett

    We are so sorry for your loss. Earl Taylor Green, was our dear friend, he was our favorite neigbor. This world will never be the same with out him. God has him now.

  3. Jesse, I just took time to listen to this sermon again. Thank you so much for being faithful to give out God’s Word, uphold the name of Jesus and honor your “Boompa” in such a fitting and godly manner. I love you., Your Grandmother.

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