A Blessed Year of Ministry in Nepal

Brother Bishnu preaches to Kathmandu crowds on Christmas Day in Nepal.

Bishnu preaches Christ from a stairwell to market crowds on Christmas Day in Kathmandu.

Greetings, dear brethren, in the name of the Most High God. Full Proof Gospel Ministries just received this year-end correspondence from Brother Bishnu concerning the front-line work we helped to start and continue to support in Nepal, a land of high mountains and many, many people who have never heard the biblical Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. I pray you are encouraged thereby.  Please continue to pray for this work and join us in prayer as we seek an open door to return to South Asia and Nepal in the coming months. Here are Bishnu’s words:

Dear praying Friends and Families

Greetings from the Himalayas in the name of its Creator! Of course, the eyes of the LORD our God were always upon us, from the beginning of this year even unto the end of 2013. We started a few house churches in the western part of the country, and these are being followed up by our brothers. One church in the eastern part of the country has been involved in ministry in the far western region. God let us preach His message in many of the Muslim villages during the month of September in the Kapilbastu district. God has given us more villages and the brothers we have trained are now going to spend their whole time there, preaching and teaching God’s Word. Praise God for His incessant, personal and eternal care for us and the work here in Nepal. He really loves us. He did not leave us even for a second in 2013 and again He has promised that He won’t leave us in 2014 also. He Himself will keep us. We would like to THANK FULL PROOF GOSPEL MINISTRIES VERY MUCH for your PARTNERSHIP and SUPPORT in the front line ministry here in Nepal. Thousands of Gospel portions and Gospel tracts were printed and given out in the different parts of the country in 2013. Your incessant prayers and financial support enabled us to accomplish all the ministry efforts for the Kingdom of God. We really appreciate your part and would covet the same or more in our Lord’s new year 2014.

In November, we could not go out much because of the Nepal’s second constitutional assembly election. The first assembly could not issue the much needed constitution in the country. But we went out prior to and after the election to different parts of the city. It was my desire for a long time to preach at Sitapaila, Kathmandu; but there were some hindrances at that spot every time we went. So we went to other places before, but on November 8th, God gave us an awesome opportunity to preach there and give out His Word. Once when we arrived there, the Hindus, who were demanding to have the Hindu Kingdom back, were campaigning; but this time they came during my preaching, asking us to vote for their political party in the election. We both were preaching at the same time. They were asking to have Hindu Kingdom back to “conserve” the Hinduism; and I was preaching about the freedom from the Hinduism. It was great that we gave them Gospel of John and preached about the Only Way of Salvation to them as well. Now, they have become the fourth largest party in the assembly and the former largest party, the Maoist Party, has fallen to the third largest. Please pray for Nepal and Nepali people. There is a lot of uncertainty about our future and continued freedom to preach the Gospel here. The so- called democratic parties are in majority for now, but ultimately, we trust the Lord God who gives us true freedom.


Preaching at Kalanki Chok in Kathmandu

Thank you very much for continuously praying for us. We covet more of your prayers in the days to come as we continue to move forward for the Lord here in Nepal. Please pray for God’s guidance on how to step forward as a mission and for His continuous provision. Please pray for our upcoming Medical Campaign outreaches in Kapilbastu and Arghakhachi Districts during the last week of January. I’m leaving with the team on the 24th for 4 days of program. We are going in the remote corners, among those whose presence is unnoticed by the government in terms of health and educational facilities. We are going to bless some of the village schools with some sports items. The teachers are going to announce to the nearby villagers about the medical camp and we’ll give them not only the medicine for the flesh but also for their precious souls. Please pray for the successful campaigns that the Lord would start His churches in those villages which might include some of the Muslim villages as well where we went last September. Once again, please pray for the laborers as they are few always. We need more laborers in Nepal to GO for Him. Just for encouragement, in this year let’s remember the words from Ezekiel 3:16-21 & 33:6-8.

Lord, help us!

In His field,

Bishnu, Bimu, Bijigisha, Bigya and TEAM DSMA Nepal

Last week, Full Proof Gospel Ministries, I rejoice to announce, was able to send funds for the printing of 20,000 Perfect Sacrifice and 20,000 Haven’t You Heard? Nepali Gospel tracts in Kathmandu.  Since Project Jagerna began in 2007, we have printed more than 350,000 Nepali Scripture portions and more than 350,000 Gospel tracts. We simply can’t print enough to keep up with the demand and the labor of faithful brethren continuing to take the Gospel to the streets.  But as the Lord provides, we print and distribute FREELY.  We would not have been able to do this for the past six years nor will we be able to continue printing God’s Word in Nepal without your prayers and financial support. It is the Lord’s way to use His Church to meet the needs of the saints.

Ricky preaches in a park in South Africa.

Ricky preaches in a park in South Africa.

FPGM’s financial needs, as delineated in my appeal of November 21st, We Could Use Your Help, yet remain. We are praying for more committed monthly support so we can continue  the work of public proclamation and discipleship and investment in church planting both here in America, one of the world’s largest mission fields, and in places like Nepal, Bangladesh, South America, and South Africa.  With regard to the latter, Brother Ricky is now based in Cape Town and has already had opportunity to communicate Christ to lost sheep from the House of Israel.  Several Hebrew New Testaments have already gone out.  Presently, Ricky is looking for an affordable living space to rent in or close to a Jewish neighborhood.  This hasn’t been easy; so join us in praying for the Lord’s provision.  Hopefully, we will be posting a detailed ministry update from him in the near future.

Will you please pray about partnering with us through the ministries of prayer and cheerful giving?  For, God loveth a cheerful giver (II Corinthians 9:7). Committed monthly support is our greatest need. Just $50 a month, less than one tank of gas, can go a long way in terms of Scripture printing or ministry on the ground in Nepal or South Africa.  For more information, visit HERE.

I’ll leave you with an exhortation from Brother Bishnu:

If you don’t love people, then don’t go to them. But if you go to them, then I beg you, please tell them the Truth which has the power to lead them to salvation. Otherwise, you are a betrayer. But if you can’t go, you can be a part of Great Commission ministry by praying and supporting those who do go, are going, or are willing to go. Your small gift will have a greater accomplishment in the Kingdom of God, and it is a privilege to be able to be a part of that because God is going to accomplish His will anyway!

For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,

Jesse Boyd, President
Full Proof Gospel Ministries

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