The Lamb Begins to Open the Scroll (Rev. 6:1)

The Lamb Begins to Open the Scroll (Revelation 6:1)

This message was preached at New Testament Christian Fellowship in Conover, NC on February 23, 2014. The particular focus of this message is the Lamb’s actions of taking the scroll (Revelation 5:7) and beginning to open its seals (Revelation 6:1)

NOTE: About halfway through this sermon, I reference the third-person pronoun found in Revelation 5:9 of most modern English versions, including the ESV, that stands in contrast with the KJV’s correct reading of “us to God.” I incorrectly mention that the ESV reads “them to God” when it actually reads “people for God.” The incorrect third-person sense, however, is the same and worthy of disclosure.

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