about full proof gospel ministries

our name

Our name is taken from the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to Timothy in II Timothy 4:5—“make full proof of thy ministry”—with full consideration of the surrounding context (i.e. II Timothy 4:1-5). Full Proof Gospel Ministries exists as a nonprofit association, and is perpetual in its duration.

our purpose

Full Proof Gospel Ministries is a missions organization based in Western North Carolina. We are fully committed to the public proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the translation, publication, and free mass distribution of the pure Word of God; intensive evangelism training; the exposure of false teaching; church-planting; and parternship with Bible-believing local church bodies. Our mission field is the globe, and we go wherever the Lord opens a door of opportunity.

our mission

Full Proof Gospel Ministries is organized so that we may know Jesus Christ, make him known in these last days, and faithfully carry out his Great Commission around the globe by taking up the New Testament strategies of public proclamation and confrontational evangelism while laboring diligently to saturate communities with pure copies of Holy Scripture and doctrinally sound tractarian literature containing the pure Word of God.

We endeavor to make full proof of our ministry by publicly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide, by exhorting the remnant body of born-again believers to faithfully carry out the Great Commission without compromise, and by earnestly contending against false teaching and lukewarm “churchianity.”

the work of the ministry

This ministry WILL NOT engage in merchandising or the requiring of financial remuneration for services provided. ALL SERVICES, MINISTRY EFFORTS, BIBLES, AND GOSPEL LITERATURE ARE FREE AS THE LORD PROVIDES.


Full Proof Gospel Ministries is autonomous and independent; it is not subject to the control of any church, denomination, or other ecclesiastical body. However, we do recognize the spiritual authority that our sending churches reserve in our lives and mission and sustain the right to cooperate with those causes and organizations that are biblical and in agreement with the mission and purpose of Full Proof Gospel Ministries and its STATEMENT OF FAITH.

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