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bishnu shrestha (nepal)

shresthaBorn in an orthodox Hindu family, Bishnu Shrestha was raised to worship idols, receiving a red tika every morning from the hand of his mother. His father owned a tea shop in a Nepali village, and Bishnu used to wash all the glasses before going to school. From a child, he learned English at a nearby government school, and as a teenager, he took up farming with his father. They would go into the rice fields for irrigation at night because school and the tea shop prevented such work during the day Somewhere in the midst of all this, Bishnu found opportunity to complete his homework and his secondary education, all the while worshipping the 330 million gods and goddesses of Hinduism (i.e. far more dieties than the total number of Nepalis in the world).

After 10th grade, Bishnu attended a government college in Pokhara to get a degree in business management. At the window to register for classes, he changed his mind and pursued science, receiving a degree in Physics. This seemingly random decision was ultimately of the Lord, for all the science classes were taught in English, thus allowing Bishnu to master the language and teach others. In a college where more than 10,000 students were enrolled in three shifts, Bishnu received the highest marks in Physics, and in just his second year, he was given opportunity to teach. All the while, Bishnu would stop on the way to class to offer sacrifice at the local Hindu temple.

One semester, Bishnu was bothered consistently by a terrible nightmare in which he was being chased by someone trying to kill him with a gun. As a result, his grades plummeted, and his life looked like it would fall apart. However, the sovereign hand of God led Bimu Gurung (Bishnu’s future wife) into his path. She, being a Christian, led Bishnu to the Lord, and immediately thereafter, the nightmares ceased. On November 11, 2001, he was baptized in a nearby icy river. At the same time, he received his bachelor’s degree in Physics.

After becoming a Christian and marrying a Christian of another caste, Bishnu was disowned by his family. His parents would have nothing to do with one who had embraced the “cow-eater religion.” From this trial, a series of events ultimately allowed Bishnu to move his family to Kathmandu and become involved in the Lord’s service. While pursuing a Masters degree in Physics, God provided him a unique opportunity to do translation work for Biblical Education by Extension (BEE), an educational and training course conducted for Christian nationals by Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Quickly, his skill and ingenuity with regard to translating from English into Nepali were realized, and he quit pursuing Physics to dedicate himself to the translation of various Christian educational materials for the training of Nepali pastors. Bishnu spent six years laboring for BEE, during which time he gained much in terms of theological education. He also developed a passion for lost souls and founded DSMA Publication & Ministries, a local organization that publishes and freely distributes Gospel materials as the Lord supplies. Through DSMA, Bishnu has done translation work for various missionaries and Christian organizations with regard to the printing of evangelistic and discipleship materials. He also publishes a quarterly Nepali Christian magazine. In 2007, Bishnu left working with BEE so as to dedicate himself completely to the work of bold evangelism and the publishing of Gospel materials in the Nepali language.

Bishnu’s relationship with Full Proof Gospel Ministries began in 2007, coinciding with his departure from BEE. His boldness with regard to public evangelism, his passion to embolden fellow Nepali believers in the same, and his acute translation skills made him a perfect counterpart to FPGM’s work on the ground there in Nepal. Shared convictions with regard to the textual tradition of the King James Bible being made freely available and in quantity for the Nepali people also led to the establishment of Project Jagerna. In partnership with Full Proof Gospel Ministries, Bishnu Shrestha heads up the translation and distribution arms of Project Jagerna. He oversees storage and distribution of the materials to the masses and is in charge of freely supplying them to local believers and/or churches who will faithfully distribute them in the villages. With regard to the work of evangelism, Bishnu leads weekly outreaches in Kathmandu and acts as a logistics coordinator for FPGM’s bringing in of volunteer teams for bold evangelistic work in Nepal.  The last couple of years, he has also been actively involved in planting and strengthening local churches in the primitive Kapilbastu and Baitadi Districts of Nepal.

Bishnu and Bimu Shrestha have two children, Bijigisha and Bigya; and in Kathmandu, they labor as owners and managers of Berean Christian Bookstore & Stationary Shop. Proceeds from the sale of their inventory go to help support village pastors and missionaries and to print Gospel tracts and Scripture portions.  The Shrestha family also serve the Lord as members of a house church fellowship that began and continues to meet in their bookstore.  Bishnu’s relationship with Full Proof Gospel Ministries is extremely valuable, and Project Jagerna would not be where it is today without his tireless effort and God-given talents.

The Shrestha Family (Kathmandu, Nepal)

The Shrestha Family (Kathmandu, Nepal)