our specific ministry objectives

  1. To make the Gospel of Jesus Christ an unavoidable issue for as many people as possible all around the world by way of bold open-air preaching, public proclamation, and compassionate demonstration . . . “to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16).
  2. To FREELY distribute pure copies of the Holy Scriptures and doctrinally sound tractarian literature to the masses all over the globe.
  3. To produce, make available, and distribute pure copies of the Holy Bible in the vernacular tongues of people who heretofore have not had access to such.
  4. To protect the Remnant Body of Jesus Christ from end-times apostasy through bold doctrinal preaching, research and exposure, and discipleship training.
  5. To strengthen, edify, and build-up the Remnant Body of Jesus Christ in these last days by modeling boldness, encouraging personal evangelism, training disciples, and planting Bible-believing New Testament churches.

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