our board of trustees

This organization’s leadership team is made up of a Board of Trustees who help oversee the evangelistic efforts, financial matters, course, and direction of Full Proof Gospel Ministries. These are responsible for holding the ministry, its officers, and it missionaries accountable with regard to the faithful carrying out of FPGM’s purpose and mission under the authority of Holy Scripture, the ministry’s Constitution, and its Bylaws.

Left to Right: Jesse Boyd, Robert Hill, James Hoefer, Madison Currin, Terry Hall

FPGM’s Board of Trustees is composed of godly Christian men who volunteer their time for service to this ministry. Each of these maintains a character of utmost integrity and is fully committed to our mission and purpose.

dr. terry hall

Terry came to know the Lord Jesus as personal Savior at about 12 years of age. He recalls, “I was pricked in my heart by the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin of separation from God. Upon realizing my need of forgiveness, I cried out to God through Christ to save me. His precious blood redeemed me and made me whole. In the years to come, Christ had to work on me more than He worked through me. Little did I know that He was getting me ready for His service.” In 1978, Terry and his faithful wife, Linda, agreed together that God was calling them into full-time Christian service. For 20 years (1988-2008), he faithfully served as pastor of Living Word Baptist Church in Creedmoor, North Carolina, persistently preaching the whole counsel of God without compromise. In 2008, Linda Hall unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord. Dr. Hall has since retired from the pastorate. He is survived by four children who are grown and following the Lord with their families. Terry has served as a trustee for Full Proof Gospel Ministries since 2005.

madison currin

Madison Currin came to know the Lord in high school while attending a youth rally. He proclaims simply: “Realizing my lost condition, I asked Jesus to save me.” Madison spent most of his life in Granville County, North Carolina. In 2006, after having worked in the telecommunications industry for twenty-four years, he left that line of work and took his family to Southside Virginia where they now manage Whitefield, a property used as a place of retreat for those serving in the labor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Madison and his wife, Roslyn, have three children, all of whom have been home-schooled and love the Lord. Their oldest, Chad, has traveled and faithfully labored with FPGM on several occasions. After having served the Lord at Living Word Baptist Church in Creedmoor, North Carolina for 20 years, the Currin family now serves through Mecklenburg Baptist Temple in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. They are dedicated to the work of God and love ministering to the Body of Christ. Madison has served as a trustee for Full Proof Gospel Ministries since 2005.

robert hill


Robert Hill of Hickory, NC serves as an Elder of New Testament Christian Fellowship, one of FPGM’s supporting church bodies. As a bivocational pastor, he also works with furniture. Robert Hill has served as a trustee for Full Proof Gospel Ministries since 2009.

james hoefer

James Hoefer is a retired firefighter and an antique dealer from Jackson, Mississippi. He has served as a trustee for Full Proof Gospel Ministries since 2005.

“Greetings in the name of our Savior, the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be glory and honor forever! As Jesse Boyd’s (FPGM’s President) former pastor and a Trustee of Full Proof Gospel Ministries, I can assure you of the integrity of the ministry’s outreach and its proclamation of the pure gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. FPGM is Bible-centered, Christ-exalting, and evangelistic, putting forth an unrelenting effort to get the Gospel to a lost and dying world. The recordkeeping of this ministry is superb, and the work is closely monitored by its trustees. If you are looking to support a genuine missions ministry, both domestic and foreign in scope, rest assured that your prayers and financial support will be appreciated and God-honoring. Come aboard and help spread the good news of God’s love around the world.”

-Dr. Terry Hall

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