Full Proof Gospel Ministries is a non-profit missions ministry, so we benefit greatly from the help of the brethren. If the Lord should lay it upon your heart to support FPGM financially, contributions can be made out to “Full Proof Gospel Ministries” and mailed to the following address:

p.o. box 791
conover, nc 28613

FPGM is a non-profit organization. UPON REQUEST, we are happy to provide contributors with a contributions receipt for aggregate donations made during any calendar year. These receipts will be provided after the end of said calendar year and before the normal due date for filing annual tax returns. Be sure to include a mailing address along with any donation or request for receipt.

From time to time, the ministry, in the exercise of its religious, educational, and charitable purposes, may establish various funds to accomplish specific goals. Contributors may suggest uses for their contributions, but all suggestions shall be deemed advisory rather than mandatory in nature. All contributions made to specific funds or otherwise designated shall remain subject to the exclusive control and discretion of FPGM’s Trustees and Board of Directors. No fiduciary obligation shall be created by any designated contribution made to the ministry other than to use the contribution for the general furtherance of any of our specific ministry objectives as outlined HERE.

For online tax-deductible giving via PayPal, click the button below, and follow the instructions carefully: