missionary journeys

Full Proof Gospel Ministries’ approach, as it senses calling from the Lord, involves an indefinite number of missionary journeys, after the manner of the Apostle Paul, for the purpose of making the Gospel of Jesus Christ an unavoidable issue for as many people as possible all around the world. Our strategy is simple: Seize open doors of opportunity whenever, wherever, and however! This ministry is not bound by scheduling, and we see missionary journeys as indefinite in time and scope. We go; we stay; we proceed; and we exit according to the Lord’s provision, divine guidance, and sovereign Hand of Providence.

Here, you can learn about some of the different types of missionary journeys that we have undertaken over the years. Some missionary journeys have been long; some missionary journeys have been short. In all, the Word of the Lord has been proclaimed to the lost, seeds have been abundantly sown, and born-again believers have been exhorted and discipled unto boldness and steadfastness in the faith. To God be the glory, great things he hath done.

Below, you will find links to journey recap pages or, if a missionary endeavor involved multiple blog posts, the first in the series of posts (subsequent posts can then be accessed by scrolling down and following the links at the bottom of the page). We have also included a few video highlights.

long bicycle journeys

A bicycle can be a very visible testimony and a great way to share the Gospel with many different types of people along obscure highways and byways where missionaries normally don’t go. This is how FPGM first got started back in 2003.
North to Alaska (4,208 miles)
Coast to Coast 2003-2004 (4,712 miles)
Northernmost to Southernmost (3,412 miles)

the ends of the earth

The end of a road, the tip of a continent, the highest point, or the farthest corners have always attracted our gaze. People in these unsung termini need to hear the Gospel as much as anyone else. If the road has an end, that’s where we want to go.
Labrador & The Maritimes (2010)
Patagonia (2006)

south asia

Since 2006, the Lord has ordered our steps so that South Asia and/or the Indian Subcontinent has become a primary international focus. On an indefinite long term basis, FPGM is committed to Project Jagerna, a Nepali Bible translation/printing/distribution project. We have also pursposefully targeted security-sensitive areas in the region, taking in Bibles, Scripture portions, and evangelism teams, while also laboring to edify and equip persecuted brethren and local churches.


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