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. . . testifying to the jewish people FIRST, and also to the gentile nations, repentance toward God and faith in Jesus the Messiah (Acts 20:21).

bibles & blankets

bibles & blankets

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Our colportage work is to the Jewish people FIRST (particularly Israeli backpackers in the places where they typically congregate after completing their mandatory IDF service), but ALSO to the Gentile nations, especially in the places we have laid roots over the years, the same places that happen to also be popular with the Israelis. Therefore, it is our joy to support national partners who care about Jewish outreach in their own country AND who care about getting the Word out to their own people, even in the remotest of places. 

We are very grateful for those who recently gave toward the purchase of blankets for the elderly and new mothers in Nepali villages. These are a real blessing for the villagers during the cold; and they are an avenue for meeting a real need in the spirit of James 2:15-16 while preaching the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah to those who have never heard. Of course, we, and those we support, never give out blankets, food, rice, or anything WITHOUT giving out the printed Word of God. Below is a testimony from Brother Bishnu regarding his recent "Bibles & Blankets" outreach to remote villages in Eastern Nepal. All in all, 260 blankets were distributed with the Word of God, and many heard the Gospel proclaimed in the open air. Soon, he will be heading to the midwest region of the country and will be engaged in the same. The funds given through FPGM will help purchase more blankets. Thank you.

Greetings again from the Himalaya!

"He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor; his righteousness endureth for ever; his horn shall be exalted with honour" (Psalm 112:9).

Let's praise God for His answers to our prayers. Thank you for praying. My wife and our son joined me to go to the eastern Nepal. The Lord gave us acsafe trip and open doors for the ministry. We openly preached in four villages and gave out 260 blankets: Kadarbona, Belaha, Mahulia and Patrukhi Tole, a neighbourhood of landless people near Itahari. Many Muslims and Hindus listened to the clear Gospel message as it was preached in the open air. And, it was really great to show God's love to them by giving out His Word and blankets for those in need this winter. Local believers are encouraged and praying that many of those who heard the Gospel would join the church. Thirty-one new mothers from Kadarbona also got warm blankets. They were so thankful for that. Many foreign aid groups and government aid NGOs visit them and lie to them. They don't do anything, but when we showed up without prior notice and help them even a bit, they really appreciated it. Every one of them and other audiences also got the copies of God's Word.

Here's one interesting highlight: I was preaching at Belaha village, and a brother was translating for me in the local dialect. A man suddenly showed up with a Nepali knife (Khukuri) in his hand, and started walking in front of me. I saw him and just kept preaching. Bimu was behind me and she was watching him also. Strangely, he paced a bit and then left to a house behind us. Every one of our team noticed him, but ultimately, there was no disturbance in the proclamation of the Gospel. Praise the Lord!

Now, we covet your prayers for our next trip. We are leaving for the midwest again this Friday for teaching and evangelism. Please pray for safe travel and a fruitful ministry, that God alone be glorified.

Once again, thank you very much for your faithful prayer and support.

Please pray for my family back here. Bigya is sick and could not go to the school. Please pray that the Lord heals him and helps my wife Bimu to take care of our family while I am away.

From His field,
Brother Bishnu

We also praise the Lord for news from the Trents of continued distribution of the Hebrew Scriptures amongst the Israeli backpackers down in Argentina. Eric recently had a great conversation with some Israelis whereby he laid out the Gospel on pieces cardboard to help them more easily understand why Messiah had to die and rise again. 


Almost ten thousand miles distant from Bariloche , an Indian couple we have helped supply with materials for outreach to the Israeli backpackers on the beaches of Goa just reported that they have had multiple people in their home and have given out 10 Hebrew New Testaments this tourist season. That's a lot. That's a blessing.

Such is colportage work, to the Jewish people first AND ALSO to the Gentile nations.

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muchas oportunidades

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