Soon, this will be illegal in the United States. In some places, it will already get you into trouble. The persecution of genuine Christians, particularly those who openly share their faith, has already begun here in the United States and will surely wax worse and worse in these last days. Posted below, you will find clear evidences of this. Notice the ignorance and willful disregard of Constitutional law by law enforcement;  'tis simply astounding.  It seems as if silencing the Gospel and stamping out those who proclaim it publicly is the only acceptable form of "hate crime" in America.  In reality, however, the real hate crime is to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yet fail to warn the wicked of the coming judgment.  Even in the face of persecution, genuine believers must not keep silent.  May it be said of us, "we also believe, therefore we speak" (II Corinthians 4:13).'

Awake, true Christians; sound the alarm: Unapologetic and biblically sound preaching and witnessing is coming under persecution in the United States.  We must accept this as a way of life in delivering a prophetic message (II Timothy 3:12); realize that our commission from the Lord is not dependent upon outward circumstances (Mark 16:15-16); marvel not that the world hates the believer (I John 3:13); and keep preaching, in season and out of season (II Timothy 4:2).

Be vigilant, for many who claim to be "Christians," some of which sit beside you in church on Sunday, will be the very ones that soon turn you over to the authorities and rejoice at the apparent silencing of the Gospel, thinking they do God service (John 16:1-4).  But, "the word of God is not bound" (II Timothy 2:9).

May the things posted here shake you into reality, make you sorrowful for our once-great nation, and compel you to hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering (Hebrews 10:23).  We make no apologies for exposing the lunacy and ridiculous reasonings displayed by law enforcement, fellow "Christians," and/or public figures below.  While freedom of speech and freedom of the press still exists, such foolishness needs be made public.  The USA is not the USSR, yet! is an online media outlet that regularly reports on incidents of persecution against Christians in the United States:

fpgm president arrested in holly ridge, nc

On July 4, 2012, Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries was arrested in Holly Ridge, NC and charged with disorderly conduct after telling two police officers to repent for their harassment of Ricky Springer, Boyd's ministry partner. The two had been preaching and distributing Gospel tracts in a public park during a free public access fireworks display. Officers had threatened to arrest Mr. Springer if he did not immediately cease preaching. When Jesse Boyd upbraided the officers, reminding them that the USA is not the USSR and and exhorting them to repent, he was arrested, cuffed, and hauled off to the county jail for three hours, released only after posting a $500 bond. Fortunately, the charges were dropped a week later when they reached the desk of the Onslow County District Attorney. The true irony of this incident is that it took place on Independence Day immediately after Boyd and Springer returned from 13 months on the foreign mission field. During this overseas stint, Jesus Christ was preached in 18 countries, many of which are closed to the Gospel, and more than 157,000 pieces of Gospel literature were freely distributed without legal incident. The video below details this irony:

Below are some articles regarding this incident that appeared in the Christian media:

boyd brothers arrested in hickory, nc

In 2008, Jesse & Matthew Boyd were arrested and charged with trespassing, simply for distributing Gospel tracts on public property at an event open to the general public. The charges were eventually dropped, and the Gospel has been furthered in the area as a result. Nevertheless, the fact that this even took place is frightening. The police officers involved should have been terminated, and their superiors should have been soundly reprimanded. This was in small-town America, of all places. Below, are the posts FPGM put forth regarding this incident back in 2008:

elderly grandmother arrested in philadelphia

This advertisement against ridiculous hate crimes laws in America proves that such are and will be used to persecute Christians--frightening and disgusting.

gentle preacher arrested at the liberty bell

In October of 2007, Michael. Marcavage, head of Repent America, was arrested while preaching on a public sidewalk outside the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was found guilty of the charges against him, but the verdict was eventually overturned by the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The federal government tried to refile the case against Mr. Marcavage, but this, by God's grace, was subsequently denied by the same Court of Appeals. FPGM has labored and suffered with this precious brother who has an amazing ability to proclaim hard truth with a gentle spirit.

You can read more about this very interesting case here:

police physically assault christians in philadelphia

At a pro-homosexual march in Philadelphia, a group of preachers were attempting to share the Gospel. Michael Marcavage of Repent America was shoved by one of the homosexuals, and then the police followed up by assaulting the Christians. No arrests were made; nevertheless, the police intimidation is vomit-inducing.