evangelism training

Below is a series of evangelism training sessions conducted by Jesse Boyd at Baptist Chapel in Owasso, Oklahoma in 2007:

using the jerusalem road

This teaching concerning Jewish evangelism and using the Jerusalem Road from the Old Testament to clearly communicate the Gospel message was conducted by Jesse Boyd at Laura's Lattes Coffee Shop in Canton, South Dakota in January of 2017.


Below is a series on biblical revival preached by Jesse Boyd at Living Word Baptist Church in Creedmoor, NC back in November of 2012:

what's wrong with the gospel?

This four-part message preached by Keith Green not long before his death in 1982 is powerful and prophetic. Sadly, what he saw as a problem in 1982 is a plague in the American churches today, the sad rule and not the exception. Oh Lord, have mercy upon us.

hell's best kept secret

You can also download the mp3 here.

true & false conversion

the cross the modern preachers put in the back

great teaching on matthew 7:1

This segment is taken from a larger series entitled "Hell's Bells 2, The Spiritual Side of Music." The teaching contained here on Matthew 7:1, the favorite passage of the unregenerate non-believer, is excellent. WARNING: THIS VIDEO SEGMENT CONTAINS EXPLICIT IMAGES OF A SEXUAL AND OCCULTIC NATURE THAT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.