domestic missions

One of Full Proof Gospel Ministries' long-range goals is to publicly proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ on the streets of every city and town of significant size in the United States. This in an ongoing missionary endeavor that will take years to complete.

Please pray for us as we persistently seek opportunities to further such ends. As illustrated below, we have already labored in more than 250 cities in 50 States. Click on the Maps for a full view.

international missions

Full Proof Gospel Ministries will go wherever there is an open door of opportunity, and we have been blessed to labor for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ in 46 foreign countries on five different continents. On these foreign fields, our concentrations have been bold street evangelism, Bible and Gospel tract distribution, and discipleship training for local churches. We also go into closed countries, in partnership with longer-term missionaries, so as to boldly scatter seeds with anonymity. In such cases, longer-term laborers can remain behind to water the seeds and reap the harvest. In the captions below, an asterisk denotes multiple entries.

north & central america

south america




south asia

Since 2006, the Lord has ordered our steps so that South Asia and/or the Indian Subcontinent has become a primary international focus. On an indefinite long term basis, FPGM is committed to Project Jagerna, a Nepali Bible translation/printing/distribution project. We also pursposefully target security-sensitive areas in the region, having taken in Bibles, Scripture portions, and evangelism teams on numerous occasions. We work with national partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India; and we are regularly involved in reaching Israeli backpackers in Ladakh and Kathmandu.

the uttermost part of the earth

The Gospel is worth taking to the very end of the road, and that has been our practice from FPGM's inception. When Jesus Christ said “uttermost part of the earth” in Acts 1:8, we take it literally. Be it Prudhoe Bay, Ushuaia, Nourgam, Cape Agulhas, Point Barrow, the Labrador, Panamik, Turtuk, Circle, Key West, Sikkim, Hyder, Karelia, Pashupatinagar, Deadhorse, Tambo Quemado, Mongolia, Lubec, Anchor Point, Man Merak, Chiniak, or Tatopani, unique opportunities await at the uttermost parts with those who might otherwise never heard the words of eternal life.

the university campus

The university campus, particularly in the United States, is one of most spiritually darkened settings in all of the world, as dark, if not more so, than the dankest of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the bloodiest of Khali temples, or the most draconian of Islamic mosques. Therefore, the “institution of higher learning” is worth targeting with the light of the Gospel; and as opportunities arise, Full Proof Gospel Ministries strives to preach open-air, distribute biblical literature, and/or witness one-on-one on university campuses in the United States and around the world. By God’s grace, we have labored on many campuses.

domestic campuses

  1. North Dakota St. College of Science

  2. University of South Dakota

  3. Boise State University

  4. UC-Berkeley

  5. Harvard University

  6. University of Vermont

  7. Penn State University

  8. Florida State University

  9. NC State University

  10. UNC-Chapel Hill

  11. Appalachian State University

  12. University of Alaska-Fairbanks

  13. University of Alaska-Anchorage

  14. University of Alaska Southeast

  15. Kodiak College

  16. Lock Haven University

  17. Bloomsburg University

  18. University of Tennessee

  19. Western Carolina University

  20. Winthrop University

  21. UNC-Greensboro

  22. University of Wyoming

  23. University of Colorado

  24. Colorado State

  25. Western State University

  26. University of New Mexico

  27. New Mexico Tech

  28. New Mexico State

  29. University of Arizona

  30. Arizona State University

  31. University of Northern Arizona

  32. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

  33. University of Nevada

  34. San Francisco State University

  35. Sacramento State University

  36. Humboldt State University

  37. University of Oregon

  38. Eastern Oregon University

  39. College of Southern Idaho

  40. Fort Hays State University

  41. Oklahoma State University

  42. Missouri State University

  43. Virginia Commonwealth University

  44. George Washington University

  45. George Mason University

  46. University of Delaware

  47. Colorado Mesa University

  48. Fresno State University

  49. Stanislaus State University

  50. Modesto Junior College

  51. Chico State University

  52. Southern Oregon University

  53. Oregon State University

  54. Portland State University

  55. Idaho State University

  56. Montana State University

  57. Western Iowa Tech

  58. Morningside University

  59. Iowa State University

  60. UNC-Charlotte

  61. Caldwell Community College

  62. Clemson University

  63. UNC-Asheville

  64. University of Georgia

  65. Valdosta State University

  66. University of North Florida

  67. Tallahassee Community College

  68. University of Southern Mississippi

  69. Jackson State University

  70. Hines Community College

  71. Mississippi College

  72. University of Alabama-Birmingham

  73. Georgia Tech

  74. Georgia State University

  75. University of North Georgia

  76. Winston-Salem State University

  77. Merced College

  78. UC-Santa Cruz

  79. San Joaquin Delta College

  80. De Anza College

  81. North Carolina A&T

  82. University of Northern Michigan

  83. Michigan Tech

  84. University of Wisconsin-Superior

  85. University of Minnesota

  86. St. Cloud State University

  87. Moorhead State University

  88. North Dakota State University

  89. Northern State University

  90. Utah Valley University

  91. University of San Diego

  92. San Diego State University

  93. UC San Marcos

  94. San Diego City College

  95. Long Beach State

  96. Arizona Western College

  97. University of Texas-El Paso

  98. Sul Ross State University

  99. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

  100. University of Houston

  101. Louisiana State University

  102. University of Minnesota-Duluth

  103. Wayne State University

  104. SW Minnesota State University

  105. South Dakota State University

  106. Bismarck State University

  107. Dickinson State University

  108. Shippensburg University

  109. Cornell University

  110. Rochester University

  111. UMass-Boston

  112. UMass-Lowell

  113. Southern Connecticut State University

  114. Kutztown University

  115. Dickinson College

international campuses

  1. Dhaka University (Bangladesh)

  2. Helsinki University-Leppavaara (Finland)

  3. Witwatersrand University (Johannesburg, South Africa)

  4. University of Delhi (India)

  5. UCSI University (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  6. Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal)

  7. Christ University (Bangalore, India)

  8. St. John’s Medical College (Bangalore, India)

  9. Jagannath University (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

  10. Asian University of Bangladesh (Uttara, Bangladesh)

  11. America Bangladesh University (Uttara, Bangladesh)

  12. Peking University (Beijing, China)

  13. Renmin University of China (Beijing, China)

  14. University of Santiago (Chile)

  15. University of Namibia (Windhoek, Namibia)

  16. Cape Town University (South Africa)

  17. University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)

  18. Tel Aviv University (Israel)